Nabua (KB509) Chapter elects new officers


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Nabua (KB509) Chapter elects new officers

NABUA, Cam. Sur --  Sirs Martin P. Beloro, Jr. (509-16) and Roberto P. Prades (509-12) were elected president and Board chairman, respectively, of the Nabua (KB509) Chapter in its election held last Saturday, September 4, 2010, this muncipality.

In his message after his declaration as the new president, Beloro declared that KB509 will continue its affiliation with the newly named Kaboronyogan nin mga Bicolnon or KB Bicol and will the chapter's strong support to the leadership of regional governor jennis nidea (30-01).

In behalf of the entire general membership of KB509, "Our trust and confidence is still with the leadership of sir 30-01 and we will continue supporting the KB Bicol", Beloro pointed out.

Aside from beloro and Prades, those who were elected are: Joselito P. Dichoson (509-18), EVP; Diogenes A. Abinal (509-06), VP Admin; Henry L. Quiaño (509-16), VP OP; Noli A. gualves (509-08), Secretary; Julian G. Ocampo (509-21), Auditor; Salvador I. Soto (509-22), Treasurer and; Josefino O Rebulado (509-03), P.I.O.

Board of Directors are: Clarito D. Atian (509-04), Vice Chairman; Luis c. Manayon, Jr. (509-24); Salvador T. Idanan (509-11); Michael F. Compañero (509-01); Lyndon A. Rosales (509-09); Leonardo I. soltes (509-25); Frncisco A. Baldoza (509-27) and; Antonio A. Bandales (509-07), BOD members.

Date entered: September 05, 2010 11:09:31
Entered by: Jennis I. Nidea
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