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DING BONGON (276-04)

MILAOR, Cam. Sur  --  The incumbent chapter president of the KB Bicol Milaor (KB276) chapter has joined our Creator yesterday, November 21, 2009, at 1:50 in the afternoon due his lingering illness.

The death of Sir Leonardo "Ding" Bongon (276-04), who was credited to the acquisition of ambulance of the KB276 and also known as "the BEST 132 OF 52" is a big loss to the entire organization.

KB Bicol Regional Governor Jennis Nidea (30-01)was stunned when he received the information from KB Bicol Regional Vice Governor for Operations and PEC Cam. Sur Chairman Bong San Andres (276-08), who is a nephew of the late 276-04.

Nidea calls on all the officers and members of the chapters affiliated with the KB Bicol and the member-organizations of KabalikatNet Philippines offer prayer for the soul "of our brother, SIR DING BONGON (276-04).

Date entered: November 22, 2009 12:11:05
Entered by: Jennis I. Nidea
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